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"ALBAHACA, Michele Millner, Paco Chambi, Sylvain Fournier and Yves Cerf"
"HORS-BORD POUR PAIN from Sylvain Fournier"
"LE GRUPETTO, in concert at the Alhambra"
"LAS DECIMAS, Michele Millner sings Violeta Parra"
"DESSUS-DESSOUS, Yves Cerf quintet"
"MICHELE ROSIER’S movies... YVES CERF’S musics"

Welcome to, zabirr label, zabirrr productions, the net label zabirrr, zabirrr music, zabirrr, zabirrrrrrrrr…

Zabirrr is a small « handcrafted autonomous sound » workshop/delicatessen which broadcasts and sells music: my music and that of my fellow musicians. You will find our latest creations, earlier works once released on other labels, and a few antiques that were worth bringing back to life. - Yves Cerf

Zabirr’s first release was "Las Decimas, Michele Millner Chante Violeta Parra." Click on label / deli to listen to the music, discover bits of information and, of course, shop around like in any deli.

Last release : "ALBAHACA, Michele Millner" Music from the theater show Albahaca directed by Michele Millner.